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Student Corner

The Student Corner is a resource for genetic counseling students and new graduates. Here you can find useful information as you work toward and begin your career as a genetic counselor:

Genetic Counseling and Genetics Textbooks

Click here to view a listing of helpful genetic counseling and genetics textbooks, put together by NSGC members.

Student Research Survey Distribution

The Student Research Survey Program is designed to provide students currently in Genetic Counseling Training Programs access to NSGC members for research purposes at a discounted rate. This opportunity is designed to increase student survey results and to provide exposure to a variety of genetic counselors. NSGC's Student Research Survey emails are sent out on Wednesdays, and content is due by Friday of the prior week.

Click here to purchase a Student Research Survey listing.

Click here to purchase a Student Research Survey listing and a follow up reminder. 

Board Certification 

Certification in genetic counseling is offered by the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) through an examination administered annually. To be eligible for the examination, applicants must be graduates of a Master's-level program that has been accredited by the ACGC or ABGC at the time the applicant was accepted to the program.

Visit the ABGC website for more information on certification, including eligibility requirements and application instructions, fees, application deadlines, practice exams, and examination scheduling information.


There are several good places to look for jobs, including NSGC Job Connection, regional and national genetics meetings, bulletin boards, and word of mouth. If you see an opportunity and if you have the initiative, you may also attempt to create a new job for yourself.

As an important first step, you should prioritize various aspects of a job that are most meaningful to you. Key points to consider in making your own list of priorities such as location, type of position, specialty, and more. 

NSGC's Professional Status Survey (PSS) can be a great resource to help you to learn more about our profession and set your own job search priorities.

Job Search Toolkit

In 2018, the Student/New Member SIG created a comprehensive Job Search Toolkit that covers all aspects of job searching including the cover letter, updating your CV, the interview and sending a thank-you note. Click here to download the toolkit.

Webinar: Interviewing During COVID-19

Click here to register to download a webinar presented by NSGConnect and the Student/New Member SIG on Interviewing and Negotiating in the Era of COVID-19.

NSGC Student Membership

NSGC is pleased to offer two membership types specifically for current students and recent program graduates:



Special membership for students currently enrolled in a genetic counseling training program. International students, please see this FAQ document, developed by NSGC's International Special Interest Group. Student Members receive all of the same privileges as Associate Members, with the exception that Students may not post to NSGC's General Discussion Forum or access the Journal of Genetic Counseling. NOTE: If you are a PhD candidate and are interested in joining NSGC, please email to discuss your specific situation.


Special membership for those who graduated from their genetic counseling program within the last 2 years. New Genetic Counselor Members receive all the same member benefits as Full Members, but are eligible for a discounted membership fee for up to 2 years, as a newly graduated genetic counselor.