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Become the go-to person at work by staying up-to-date with best practices, never stop learning with online and in-person education and stay in the loop on the latest resources and news. NSGC membership will connect you more than 4,500 genetic counselors and genetics professionals dedicated to improving their practice and advancing the field of genetic counseling.



  • Access to the NSGC Online Education Center and discounts on educational courses, modules, conference recordings and more
  • Discounted registration rates to attend the NSGC Annual Conference, our yearly event that focuses on the latest in genetic counseling and brings together our community


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  • Receive forward-thinking insights and review research in the Journal of Genetic Counseling, NSGC’s official journal
  • Access to Perspectives in Genetic Counseling, our quarterly publication featuring articles on insights, trends and best practices in genetic counseling
  • Participation in and access to a full report of the NSGC Professional Status Survey, a yearly survey of the profession including salar ranges, benefits, work environments, faculty status and job satisfaction.