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NSGC Board of Directors Nominations and Elections Process

Each year, NSGC Members are called to actively participate in the call for nominations and slate ratification process in order to determine the subsequent years' NSGC Board of Directors. The NSGC Board of Directors is comprised of twelve members listed here.

Nominations Process Timeline

January Call for Board candidates opens
February Call for Board candidates closes
March Nominating Committee reviews candidate applications and conducts candidate interviews
April/May Nominating Committee prepares the slate for member ratification
June Ballot opens: NSGC eligible members vote to ratify the presented BOD slate
July Election closes
August BOD election results shared with NSGC members

Nomination Submissions:

The Call for Nominations will open on January 25th and will close on February 15th. The roles that are being recruited for are the President-Elect, the Secretary/Treasurer-Elect, and three (3) Directors-at-Large. 

The nomination process for NSGC's 2024 Board of Directors has closed. 

Positions and Terms

The Board of Directors consists of five officer positions and seven Director-at-Large members:

  • President - 1 year term
  • President-Elect - 1 year term
  • Immediate Past President - 1 year term
  • Secretary/Treasurer - 1 year term
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect - 1 term
  • Director-at-Large (7 members) - 2 year term

No person may hold more than one office simultaneously. For more information on NSGC officers/directors and terms, please review the NSGC Bylaws

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for putting forth a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors that will best lead NSGC and reflects diversity of all kinds--race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, specialty, and experience, among others. The Nominating Committee shall consist of eight members:

  • Immediate Past President (chair)
  • President
  • 2 Directors-at-Large (appointed by the President)
  • 4 Members-at-Large selected by the Membership Committee

The application process to serve as a Member-At-Large on the Nominating Committee closed on October 10, 2022. 

Click here to view an infographic about the nominations process. 

Call for Candidates

The Call for Candidates is the most critical part of the election process, during which members are able to self-nominate or nominate others for consideration for leadership positions. NSGC Policy states that anyone serving as Vice-Chair of a Committee is ineligible for a board position. Please note that those currently volunteering in any role on a committee or work group, or who are serving as a SIG leader, they will be required to step down from those roles in order to serve on the Board. The following resources are available for candidates who are interested in joining the NSGC Board or nominating a qualified candidate(s):

Slate Ratification

The Nominating Committee thoroughly reviews nominations and invites a subset for interviews. The Nominating Committee then prepares the slate, which is ratified via an open ballot by NSGC eligible voting members.  

The voting period for 2024 Board of Directors slate will open in June of 2023. 

For more details, refer to the NSGC Bylaws

2022 Nomination Process Changes

Throughout the 2022 Nominating Process, NSGC's Nominating Committee focused on changing the aspects of the process in order to implement Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity initiatives.

Nomination Process Changes

  • Implicit bias training for all Nominating Committee members.
  • All nominees given same time frame and amount of time to submit their application.
  • No photos or videos are included in applications.
  • Development and implementation of scoring rubric to guide evaluation of candidates for interviews.
  • Two members of the Nominating Committee conduct every interview by video. All interviews are recorded, and every Nominating Committee member watches every interview.
  • Development and implementation of a more robust scoring rubric for evaluating candidates post-interview. 


If you have any questions about the Nominations Process or any of the information listed on this page, please contact Carrie Wall, NSGC's Operations Manager, or any of the 2023 NSGC Nominating Committee members.

2023 Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Member Bios 

Heather Zierhut, Immediate Past President, Chair 

Sarah Austin, Member-at-Large

Deepti Babu, President 

Austin Bland, Director-at-Large

Shanna Gustafson, Member-at-Large

Liann Jimmons, Member-at-Large

Rachel Mills, Member-at-Large

Sandy Prucka, Director-at-Large