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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What system is the Virtual Annual Conference using?

NSGC has partnered with a premier virtual conference platform, Pathable, to host this year’s Virtual Annual Conference.

In which time zone is Annual Conference taking place?

You can view the current Agenda here. Please note that all session times are listed in Central Time.

When viewing the agenda in the virtual event platform, Pathable, the timing of all sessions will automatically adjust to your local time zone. For example, if a session is listed as beginning at 11:15 am Central Time, it will begin at 9:15 am Pacific Time and 12:15 pm Eastern Time.

Do we need a full version of Zoom or can I join the sessions through my internet browser?

You can join the sessions through your internet browser, however every session will utilize Zoom. You can confirm you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom at

What internet browser is recommended?

For the best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Due to limitations within Zoom, attendees in Safari, Firefox or other browsers may experience audio issues.

How do I add sessions to my schedule?

Navigate to the schedule tab and click on Agenda to view sessions. Each session on the agenda will have a small '+' sign in the top right corner. If you would like to add a session to your agenda, click on the '+' sign. Or, click on the session to view more details. On the top right side of the page, there will be a button that says "Reserve Spot" to add that session to your personal agenda.

Please note: Pre-registration and additional fees were required for pre- and post-conference sessions and workshops, and those sessions are only available to those who registered.

For all other sessions, you do not need to pre-register for any sessions, and there is no limit to how many attendees can view each session. Clicking "Reserve Spot" only adds that session to your personal agenda.

How do I export My Agenda to my calendar?

You can choose to export the full Schedule to your personal calendar. Click on the “Export” button on the Agenda or My Agenda page. The .ics file that downloads will create a second calendar in your calendar software of choice like Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple’s iCal.

Will there be a way to test viewing a live session ahead of time?

There is not a way to test a live session in advance, but we recommend visiting to test your internet connection in a test meeting. You can also run a system check to make sure your browser is compatible with the virtual event platform, Pathable, and that you have cookies enabled in your browser. To do this, hover over your name in the top right hand corner of the screen and click “System Check”. Then click “Run Check”.

Can I chat with a specific attendee or speaker?

Within a session, the chat box is available to everyone in that session; you cannot send direct messages. You can, however, direct message attendees and speakers individually by searching for them within the “Attendees” tab. Once you have found the individual you would like to message or meet with, click the three dots next to their name and select the appropriate action.

How long will sessions and exhibit booths be available on-demand following the live session?

The sessions and booths will be available on this platform through November 30, 2021.

Technical Support

As an attendee, do I need to download any software in order to participate in virtual meetings/sessions within the platform/website?

No, you don't need any additional software. You will only need a computer and a stable internet connection to join virtual meetings and sessions.

Can I use my iPhone/android/tablet to access the event and watch virtual sessions?

Yes, you can use mobile devices to access and participate in the event, however for the best viewing and engagement experience, it is recommended that you participate on your laptop or desktop computer. If you do choose to use your mobile device, ensure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection. A connection of 3 Mbps or higher is recommended.

What are my first steps if I have any technical issues?

If you are experiencing issues accessing the platform or with slow connectivity, we recommend trying the following:

  • Ensure you have a stable, strong internet connection. You can test your connection at Streaming media requires a bandwidth of at least 25-40 Mbps.
  • Connect to your internet router via a hardwire connection such as an ethernet cable.
  • Turn off other devices that could be using your internet connection. This includes disconnecting cell phones from the network and asking other people in the home to limit their use (especially for streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, etc.).
  • Turn off your company VPN, if connected, as this consumes part of your bandwidth.
  • Ensure that is marked as a "Trusted Site" within your browser
  • If the above action steps do not solve the technical challenge, please contact the NSGC virtual event platform, Pathable, directly through the Get Support link under your Account tab.

How can I optimize my home internet for a better streaming experience?

  • Maximize your internet connection by connecting your computer by an Ethernet cable directly from your internet router.
  • If you must use Wi-Fi, try to use the 5GHz network.
  • Wi-Fi works best when you are 5-8 ft. from your router.
  • Give your router space to breathe by placing it in “free space”. This means not in a TV stand or behind the couch.
  • Check and tighten all cable connections, with your router and with your computer.
  • Give your router time to reset by turning it off for at least 10 seconds and restarting it. This will boost your internet speed by a few extra mbps.
  • Close out other apps on your device that are not essential to you while attending the conference.
  • Disconnect other non-essential devices around your home (or office) that are connected to the internet: streaming devices, tablets, phones, video game systems, and/or smart TVs.

What if I can't hear the session?

When joining a session, wait to connect to audio until the video/image loads. This should ensure you have a clear audio connection for the session. If you are in the session and are having audio difficulties, disconnect, and the reconnect your audio.

If my connection freezes for a moment on the chat or the live broadcast, what should I do?

You should first try to refresh your page. If that does not work, please follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.


If you are encountering challenges viewing or hearing a session, try taking these steps:

  • Please be sure to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access the event site
  • Refresh the session page
  • Close and re-open your browser window
  • Clear your browser cache

If you are encountering challenges viewing or hearing a meeting (breakout or virtual trade show booth):

  • Make sure to allow cookies
  • Click the dark grey lock next to the URL for the page to manually enable your camera and microphone
  • Join the meeting through Zoom using the hyperlink under the screen

Review the recommended system requirements below for the best experience:


Desktop or laptop computer (Note: most computers purchased within the past few years will exceed the minimum requirements stated below)


  • Mac: Mac OSX 10.7 or later
  • Windows: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista (SP1 or later), XP (SP3 or later)
  • Ubuntu: 12.04 or later
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or higher


Single Core 1Ghz or higher (Dual core 2Ghz or higher, 4G RAM recommended)


1.5 Mbps "up" minimum (3+ Mbps "up" recommended). Note: wireless speeds are lower than your ISP's advertised speeds. You can use to test your speeds on your computer.


How do I join a session?

To join a session, navigate to the specific session's page (Schedule > Agenda/My Agenda > Click on the session). On the session page, you will be able to join the session one minute before the specified start time by clicking "Join Live Meeting". You can also start the broadcast by clicking the link in the lower-left hand corner in order to open the meeting within Zoom. All of the sessions will open up in Zoom in a new browser. Learn More Here.

I am in a different time zone. Can I view the sessions after they have passed?

Yes! The agenda will automatically populate in your local time zone, and most sessions are available on-demand within 24 hours of their live session time. You will attend the on-demand sessions the same as those you attend live, by selecting the session from the agenda.

When will handouts be available for each session?

If the speaker has shared a handout with attendees, all handouts will be available in the Session Details as a File, beginning with the launch of the Annual Conference on September 22.

How do I access and download handouts?

Handouts can be found by selecting the “Files” tab on the Session Details page.

I logged into a session early, and I can’t see the video or chat once the session started. What should I do?

If you logged in early to the session, you may need to refresh your page in order to access the session video and chat. You will only be able to join a session one minute before the listed start time.

I am experiencing issues with the embedded live sessions in the platform, what can I do?

The virtual platform is optimized for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. We recommend either trying a different browser, or you can use the Zoom App by clicking the link just below the live-streamed video feed.

Will the session continue past the end time to answer questions?

Session scheduled times are listed, and sessions will end promptly at the designated end time. In all sessions, the presenters will answer questions as time permits.

What if the speaker wasn’t able to get to my question before the session ended?

In all sessions, the presenter will answer questions as time permits. If a presenter has shared their contact information within the presentation, you may reach out to the presenter directly for follow up on an unanswered question.

If I watch a recording of a session, will I be able to hear the Q&A?

Yes, you will be able to listen to the audio of the Q&A in the session recording. If you would like to see the discussions or questions asked within the chat box during the session, you may view in the Session Details page by selecting the Chat tab.

How do I take notes and download them?

You can take notes directly on the site. Above the chat box, click on "Notes" and type your notes in the Notes section. To download your notes, click Export on the agenda page, then choose "Download Notes" from the dropdown menu.

Will the chat box be visible to everyone or only to the speaker?

The chat box will be visible to everyone.

Can I chat with a specific attendee or speaker?

Within a session, no, the chat box is available to everyone in that session. You can, however, message attendees and speaker individually by searching for them within the “attendee” tab. Select the individual’s profile, then send a message or schedule a meeting.

Exhibit Hall

How do I access the Exhibit Hall?

Click the “Exhibit Hall” page listed within the top navigation. Once there, you will see a full listing of all exhibitors. Click on the company tile to access their “booth”.

How can I join a live video meeting with an exhibitor on-demand?

Navigate to the virtual trade show through the Exhibit Hall agenda item or access the exhibitors list directly from the event menu. To connect with a booth staff member, click "Talk Now." A window will launch, ringing an available booth staff member who will be assigned via round robin logic. You can minimize this window and continue to browse the virtual event page while waiting to be connected to a booth staff member.

If the first booth staff member is not available, the Talk Now system will automatically move to the next available staff member. If no staff member is available, you will have the option to schedule a private meeting or send a private message to the booth staff.

For a more in-depth walkthrough, please view this training video from the virtual event platform, Pathable.

I went to a booth, but no one was there to talk to.

Dedicated booth hours are listed on the “Schedule” page listed within the top navigation. Exhibitor’s virtual booths and the Talk Now feature will be live during these dates/times to get general information or have a 1:1 conversation. The Talk Now feature allows you to be automatically connected to the next available staff person to speak with 1:1 in a private Zoom meeting.

When viewing an exhibitor’s booth you can also connect with them in other ways:

  • Click the “Contact Us” button in the top right corner of their booth. You will then be able to leave them a message, and your contact information will be sent directly to the exhibitor.
  • Leave a message in the “Conversation” tab by clicking the “New Conversation” button in the booth
  • Send a private message to a company staff member by clicking the Staff tab in a booth, then click the person you’d like to connect with. Click the “Send Message” button to send a message to the individual.
  • Schedule a private meeting with a company representative by clicking the “Schedule Meeting” button while viewing their profile. You can also find individuals to meet with by searching for them in the Attendees page in the platform.
  • Under Schedule > Schedule a Meeting you can set up a meeting with anyone by clicking the “+ New Member” button to search for the people you’d like to meet with.

What if I want to connect with an exhibitor outside of the Exhibit Hall hours?

Simply click the “Contact Us” button in the top right corner of their booth. You will then be able to leave them a message, and your contact information will be sent directly to the exhibitor. You can also schedule a private meeting with a company representative by searching for them in the People page and clicking the “Schedule Meeting” or “Send Message” buttons in the top right corner.

How will my information be shared with Exhibitors and Sponsors?

Attendee information is not automatically shared with exhibitors and sponsors, with the exception of a pre-event and post-event attendee list (you had the option to opt-in/out during the registration process) and when you complete certain activities within the platform.

When you chat with exhibitors or view exhibitor materials in their booth (including videos, banner ads, documents and links) your contact information will be collected and shared with exhibitors post-conference. If you wish to opt-out of sharing this information, please email


What if I witness any strange or unacceptable behavior in the platform?

NSGC has implemented Annual Conference terms and conditions to define unacceptable behavior during the virtual event. Please report any instances to for staff to be informed immediately.

What ADA accommodations will be made in the virtual experience platform?

NSGC complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is committed to providing a positive experience for all of our attendees. If you have special requirements due to disability and did not indicate your requests during the registration process, please contact

I'm trying to log in but my account is not active.

If you signed up on the day of the event, it may take up to one hour for your account to be activated. You should receive an email with your authentication link to give you access to the site, where you'll be able to set up your profile and password. We strongly recommend setting up your account and profile before the event.

What if I want to register after the event starts?

You still can! Please register here and contact if you have any questions. If you sign up on the day of the event, it may take up to one hour for your account to be activated. You should receive an email with your authentication link to give you access to the site, where you'll be able to set up your profile and password.


What should I do if I need help with the platform?

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQs, you can contact the virtual event platform help desk. Click on the “Get Support” button either on the log-in page or, if you are already logged in, in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Why am I not appearing in the attendee list on the site?

If you are not appearing in the attendee list, it’s likely because you selected “No” when asked if you’d like to appear on the attendee list when logging in to the virtual platform. To update your settings so you appear, go to Account --> Edit my profile --> Preferences--> Uncheck “Hide my profile from other attendees” --> Save.

How do I take myself off of the attendee list?

If you would like to hide your attendee profile from view, you will need to update your settings. To update your settings so you do not appear, go to Account --> Edit my profile --> Preferences --> Check “Hide my profile from other attendees” --> Save.

How do I update my profile, and is it necessary?

To update your profile, hover over the Account menu option and select “Edit My Profile.” Although it’s not required to update your profile, we encourage you to do so! You can go through the event as an anonymous gray circle, but as we cannot all be in the same city for this event, updating your profile with your headshot and key interests will help you make the most out of your event. Simply click on “Account” and select “Edit My Profile” to make these changes. Make sure to add tags to your profile, which will serve as your conference ribbons. We also encourage you to add interests to your profile, making it easy to connect with like-minded individuals based on the items you select.

How do I schedule a meeting?

From the main navigation menu, select “Connect” and then click on "Attendees". Find the person you'd like to connect with and click the three dots symbol (•••) next to their name. Select "Schedule Meeting". From the meeting scheduler page, you will be able to add additional people to your meeting, view each participant's calendar, and select a meeting date and time that works for you. You can title the meeting and add a short description before sending the invitation to the participants. All meeting requests you receive will appear in your inbox under "Connect". Meetings can be scheduled with attendees or exhibitors. Learn More Here.

How do I accept a private meeting request or view my private messages?

Navigate to Connect > Inbox to see any private messages you have sent or received. You will also receive an alert for any meeting requests or messages, which can be viewed by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the virtual event platform next to your name.

How can I join a discussion (public forum) or start my own discussion conversation?

Join a conversation or start a discussion around a specific topic by visiting the "Connect" tab in the main navigation menu.

To Join a Discussion: Click on a topic, and click the "Reply Button" to comment.

To Start a New Conversation: Click "New Conversation."

August 24 Announcement: Shift to Fully Virtual

Why was the in-person conference experience cancelled? 

The in-person experience for the NSGC 40th Annual Conference was cancelled due to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta variant and the corresponding escalation of cases in New Orleans. This decision to cancel the in-person experience was made to protect the health, safety and well-being of our attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, staff, and the families and patients of our attendees. This decision was not entered into lightly, especially in this highly complex environment.

When is the virtual NSGC 40th Annual Conference taking place? 
The dates of the Annual Conference will not change. We look forward to convening virtually September 22-26, 2021.

I’m registered to attend the NSGC 40th Annual Conference in person. What happens to my registration? 
All in-person registered attendees will automatically be transferred to the virtual experience.

I registered for the in-person meeting and included a Workshop with my registration. What happens to my registration?
We are currently coordinating with our Workshop presenters to determine how their sessions will be impacted with the switch to fully virtual. Please anticipate an email from NSGC in the coming days with information related to your workshop registration.

I'm registered to attend an in-person, pre- or post-conference workshop. What happens to my registration?
Your registration will be converted to a virtual pre- or post-conference session. We will be coordinating with our speakers and session coordinators to determine if their session will be significantly impacted by the switch to fully virtual. NSGC will contact you directly if any changes to your session will be made. If you do not hear from NSGC directly, your registration will remain for the live, virtual pre- or post-conference symposia. 

What if I would like to cancel my registration? 
Unfortunately, per our registration policy, no refunds for cancellations are issued after August 23, 2021. Substitutions are allowed at any time prior to the event and can be made by submitting the request in writing to Exceptions to our policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis, as in any other year.

What about flight and travel arrangements made for the cancelled in-person experience?
All attendees need to contact their own airlines/travel insurance companies to understand their policies, whether flights can be transferred, and what penalty fees, if any, may apply.

How do I cancel my hotel reservation(s) for the cancelled in-person experience? 
If you have a hotel reservation, please contact the hotel directly to cancel your reservation. Phone numbers for the Sheraton, New Orleans Marriott and JW Marriott New Orleans can be found on the NSGC website. All reservations made through the NSGC booking links will honor cancellations without any fees.


What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation requests received after August 4, 2021, are subject to a $75 cancellation fee. No refunds are issued for cancellations received after August 23, 2021. All cancellation requests must be made in writing and sent to Substitutions are allowed at any time prior to the event and can be made by submitting the request in writing to

Virtual Event

What is the time zone for those who are registering for the virtual experience?
The Annual Conference schedule at a glance is posted in Central Time. Please note, in the virtual experience platform, you will have the opportunity to view your personal schedule in your preferred time zone.

What is included in the virtual experience registration?
All attendees will have access to all plenary sessions and concurrent sessions. In addition, attendees will have access to an online poster hall with interactive element, the online exhibit hall and unique networking opportunities to connect with fellow attendees.

How long is virtual content available? What do I do if I miss a live session?
Annual Conference content will be available to all attendees via the virtual meeting platform for 60 days, until November 30, 2021.

When will I have access to the online experience platform?
All registrants will receive an email notification from NSGC when the online platform is available prior to the Annual Conference. Participants must be registered and payment received in order to have access to the online platform.

What Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations will be made?
NSGC complies with the ADA and is committed to providing a positive experience for all attendees. Participants who have special requirements due to a disability may indicate their needed accommodation(s) during the registration process.

General Information

How many continuing education (CE) hours will be available for the Annual Conference?

Attendees can earn up to 36.25 contact hours. This total does not include any pre- or post-conference workshops or sponsored sessions which can be added onto registration (up to 8 additional contact hours).

Where can I find Exhibitor & Sponsor FAQs?

Current or prospective exhibitors and sponsors can find FAQs related to your participation, registration, deadlines, and deliverables on the Exhibitor Resource Page

Are there scholarship opportunities available?

Full and New Genetic Counselor Members of NSGC may be eligible to apply for the NSGC Annual Conference scholarship sponsored by Invitae. Click here for more information.