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Abstract Resource Page

Thank you for your participation in this year's Annual Conference. The following information is intended to aid poster and platform presenters at the 2023 NSGC Annual Conference. Please check back to this page for updates and additional information.

Platform Presenters

View Presenter Schedule for Platform Presentations

Platform presentations are to be 15 minutes in length, including time for questions if delivered in-person.

Powerpoint Template

According to NSGC’s recently updated CEU Standards and Guidelines, presenters in educational sessions may no longer use branded slide decks. It is, therefore, requested that all conference speakers, moderators, and panelists use the approved NSGC PowerPoint Template or a non-branded template. 

All speakers are also required to complete a conflict of interest disclosure slide. If a speaker does not have any conflicts, please state, “No conflicts of interest to disclose.” 

Download the NSGC 42nd Annual Conference Powerpoint Template


Due October 16.  Please submit your final slides by Monday, October 16.


Due October 13.  NSGC will upload any handouts/slides that are submitted by the deadline of October 24 to our virtual platform/app.  It is unlikely that any handouts submitted after October 13 will be posted. 

Why submit handouts?

  • Accessibility and Audience Requests: NSGC receives requests by attendees for copies of slides/handouts to aide in engagement and accessibility throughout the conference. 
  • Takeaways/Activities for Audience members: Worksheets or other summaries of key takeaways are great ways to help attendees re-engage with the content in your session following the live or on-demand activity. 

Handout Submission Specifications

Handouts may include (but are not limited to):

  • PDF copies of slide decks. Presenters can make adjustments to the slides for presentation purposes after submission to handouts is completed. If a presenter updates slides after October 13, NSGC would not be posting the updated version to the session handouts. 
  • Worksheets or other activities for attendees of the session
  • Key takeaways or summaries

Poster Authors

ACTION REQUESTED: For this year’s meeting, we are encouraging posters to be presented in-person in addition to virtually. An in-person poster can be presented by any author of your abstract, so if you are unable to attend the meeting in-person, we would encourage you to have an alternative individual present on your behalf. However, we understand that in some circumstances, this may not be possible, therefore we will still have the virtual poster application open for this year’s conference. To help as we plan for the meeting, we would like to confirm your plans for your poster presentation. Please complete this quick survey by EOD Thursday, September 14. Thank you!

We are looking forward to your participation in the upcoming NSGC 42nd Annual Conference! This e-mail contains final instructions concerning your poster presentation. If an alternative individual is presenting on your behalf, please make sure to forward them this email to them. Please also reference the Abstract Resource Page for information as you prepare your presentation.

Location and Presentation Times

The Annual Conference will take place Tuesday, October 17 through Saturday, October 21, 2023 at the McCormick Place, 2301 S. King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616. Poster presentations will be divided into two different sessions, with odd numbered posters presenting on Wednesday, October 18 and even numbered posters presenting on Thursday, October 19. Your Poster # is ____ and your Poster presentation time will take place _____. Presenters are expected to be physically present at their poster during the full duration of your designated session.

In addition to in-person posters, NSGC will be offering virtual posters this year as well. You will receive additional information about where to submit this information next week. If you choose to present in-person, you may still upload your poster to the virtual platform for virtual pass attendees to view.

Poster Pick-up, Set-Up, and Tear-Down

Discounted Printing
FedEx is offering the option to submit your poster to be printed at a discounted rate and picked up on site. You can learn more about this option here:

Poster set-up: Begins on Tuesday, October 17 at 2:00 p.m. Please make every effort to leave your poster displayed for the duration of the conference. Posters can begin to be taken down on Friday, October 20 at 12:00 p.m. All posters must be taken down by Friday, October 20 at 2:00 p.m. NSGC is not responsible for any posters that are not taken down by the deadline.

Poster Specs and Appearance

  • All posters must be able to fit in an area of 4 feet x 4 feet (48 inches x 48 inches). ).  You will be sharing a board with another poster, so we kindly ask for you to follow these dimensions, of most importance a width of no more than 48 inches (4 feet) as this will prevent posters from overlapping.
  • Please note we have poster set-up early to allow for attendees to browse the poster hall during any breaks while the exhibit hall is open. It is not our expectation that authors are present during those times, but they are always welcome to stand by their posters. We do ask that authors are present during their designated poster presentation assignment.
  • Make sure your poster can be easily mounted on the poster board using push pins.
  • You are responsible for removing and storing your poster. NSGC does not provide space for poster storage and cannot guarantee the safety of any poster left unattended following your session.

Some additional tips:

  • The poster should be self-explanatory enough to allow viewing even when you are not present.
  • It may be a good idea to bring about 50 copies (black and white is fine) of a letter-paper size version of your poster that you can pin to your poster board so that people can take a copy of your poster away with them. NSGC cannot print these for you on-site, so we would recommend bringing them or finding other printing accommodations in Chicago.
  • Bring business cards for people who might be interested in contacting you about your poster.
  • You can direct people to your virtual poster where they can contact you for additional information as well.

Virtual Posters

  • In addition to in-person posters, NSGC will be offering virtual posters this year as well.
  • You will receive an email with complete virtual poster submission instructions from next week.
  • The virtual poster submission deadline will be October 3.

Creation of your ePoster

These instructions are written for PowerPoint, but are applicable to any other software you may wish to use. Use PowerPoint 2007 or newer, and set the dimensions of your poster to 140 cm (55 in) width 70 cm (27.5 in) height, in landscape orientation.

  • Number of pages (slides): one (1)
  • Make sure your text and background have a large contrast (dark lettering on a light background or the reverse).
  • For embedded images prefer .jpeg or .png file formats in a resolution of 72 or 96 dpi. 
  • Do not use animated effects, “animations” and videos.
  • Before submitting, save your poster as a PDF file. All recent versions of PowerPoint and most other software applications allow you to save your poster as a PDF file from the "File > Save as" menu or through the "File > Print > as .PDF" option. If you are unsure of how to save your poster as a PDF file you can find more information and tutorials on our Support Center at

In addition, we are providing the opportunity for you to actually “present” your work to attendees by uploading a video file to your poster. We request that all poster presenters upload a video or a video file, approximately 3 minutes in length that provides an overview of your poster.

Past Annual Conference Abstracts

View 2022 Abstracts
View 2021 Abstracts
View 2020 Abstracts
View 2019 Abstracts
View 2018 Abstracts
2017 and prior: Available through the Journal of Genetic Counseling

Note: Beginning with the 2018 Annual Conference abstracts, the accepted abstracts will be posted to the NSGC website and will no longer be published in the Journal of Genetic Counseling. This venue change offers the following benefits:

  1. Increased accessibility to accepted abstracts by non-NSGC members.  Anyone with internet access will be able to view abstracts on the NSGC website.
  2. Increased ease of navigation for locating abstracts. You will no longer need to search through one long continuous document for abstracts of interest.
  3. Increased flexibility for Abstract Committee to modify abstract size requirements
  4. Increased space in the Journal of Genetic Counseling to allow more peer-reviewed research to be published. 
  5. Continued ability to cite conference abstracts. Suggested style for citing abstracts will be provided on the NSGC website.

How to Cite Abstracts

Abstracts selected for presentation at the NSGC Annual Conference are available online here and on the Past Conference webpage. To cite an abstract from 2018 and beyond, use the URL for the meeting in which the abstract was presented. The following is a suggested example style for citing abstracts from the NSGC Annual Conference.

Author Name 1, Author Name 2, Abstract Title; (Poster or Session #). Presented at the xxth NSGC Annual Conference, Date, Location (example: November 14, 2018, Atlanta, GA).

Frequently Asked Questions

If an author on the abstract has since changed affiliations, do I include the author's current affi liation or affiliation at the time the abstract was written?
Please use the author affiliation that was relevant when the abstract was written/submitted.

Can more than one person present this Poster/Platform Presentation?
Due to space, logistics and the limited time available, we ask that only one author present each abstract.

If I cannot attend the Annual Conference, can someone present on my behalf?
If you are unable to attend the conference, ONLY another author on the abstract may present in your place. To withdraw your abstract, please email

Can I edit my abstract after the submission deadline?
If accepted, your abstract will be printed as it was received during the Call for Abstracts. No changes are permitted.

Can I defer my abstract to next year?
We are unable to allow authors to defer their presentations to the following year. We encourage authors to submit an abstract on a different aspect of the abstract topic in any following years.

I've submitted an abstract to NSGC as well as an abstract/manuscript for publication to another organization/journal, but I have not heard back yet if myabstract/manuscript has been selected. Do I need to withdraw my abstract from NSGC?

The work should not have been previously published as a manuscript or accepted for presentation at another national conference at the time of submission to the NSGCAnnual Conference. 

I submitted an abstract, but I am no longer able to attend NSGC's conference. Can I present without being registered for meeting? 
We are unable to allow authors to defer their presentations to the following year. If you are unable to attend the conference, another author on the abstract may present in your place, if they are registered for the conference. If no author is registered for the conference, you can withdraw your abstract by contacting