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NSGC Annual Conference Speaker Resource Page

Thank you to all of the speakers, moderators and session coordinators at this year's Annual Conference. Below, please find some of our frequently asked questions:

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • By July 30: Session Coordinators to hold a second touchpoint to address any lingering questions and discuss any questions/needs
  • August 3: Deadline for any changes to speakers and learning objectives; submit to 
  • August 20: Deadline for submission of on-demand presentations
  • September 3: Handouts & Quiz Questions due to NSGC

Speaker Travel, Registration and Honoraria Policies

Speaker Travel Reimbursement Policy

Non-genetic counselor speakers are eligible for reimbursement/coverage of travel costs. Typically, this is for individuals such as physicians, surgeons, patient advocacy representatives or patient panels. Below you will find the items that are covered for non-genetic counselor speakers. To verify whether or not you or your speaker is eligible for reimbursement/coverage of travel costs, please email

  • Flight (up to $400)
  • Per Diem (up to $71 a day)
  • Ground Transportation or transportation to/from the airport (up to $150)
  • Hotel (1 night’s stay at NSGC hotel)

Speaker Honoraria Policy

Honoraria is provided to session speakers. The honorarium per session is listed below (this value is split among all presenters in the session, with the division is at the discretion of the session organizer). Both genetic counselors and non-genetic counselors are eligible for this honorarium.

  • Pre-Conference: $1,500
  • General Plenary Session: $500 per hour of presentation 
    • 30 minute plenary = $250
    • 45 minute plenary = $375
  • Educational Breakout Session: $300 per hour of presentation
    • 90 minute breakout: $450
  • Workshop: $600

Speaker Registration Policy

All speakers (members and non-members) will receive complimentary, full-conference registration. The CEU fee for full members and non-members is included in this complimentary registration, however, it does not include add-ons such as a Pre-Conference Symposia or the Conference Recordings package. Add-ons will be an additional fee for all attendees and speakers. The speaker complimentary full-conference registration is non-transferable if a speaker is unable to attend the full conference. Confirmed speakers can use the code "SPEAK21" to unlock their complimentary full-conference registration. 


  • For logistical questions (items such as speaker travel questions, speaker changes, room setup and A/V needs), please contact the NSGC Executive Office at
  • For questions related to the content of your session (learning objectives, speaker recommendations, use of session time), please contact your session liaison, who is also cc’d on your session notification email. 

NSGC 2021 PowerPoint Template

Download the NSGC 2021 Annual Conference PowerPoint template.

According to NSGC’s recently updated CEU Standards and Guidelines, presenters in educational sessions may no longer use branded slide decks. It is,therefore, required that all conference speakers, moderators, and panelists use the approved NSGC PowerPoint Template. 

Please note, all speakers are required to complete a confl ict of interest disclosure slide. If a speaker does not have any confl icts, please state, “no confl icts to disclose.” 

On-demand Presenter Recording Tips

Please take a moment, before your live or pre-recorded presentation, to run through the below tips and tricks for successful virtual presentations.

  • An HD webcam is preferred, but a new PC or tablet will have a good camera. Your camera should be stable at, or slightly above, eye level.
  • Make sure your face is in good, even light, with no harsh backlight. Do not sit in front of a window. Your webcam will compensate, which may make it diffi cult to seeyou.
  • Reduce clutter & distracting/bright images in the background.
  • Solid colors work best, please do NOT wear white. Avoid small prints, stripes, plaid, or patterns.
  • Avoid noisy jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) as it can be distracting to the viewer.
  • Quality audio is key to audience engagement. A quality headset microphone is preferred, but you can also use the microphone included in your computer.
  • If using a headset microphone, be sure to keep it about a half inch off your face. Speaking up & keeping your level consistent will also help listeners set their volumecorrectly.
  • Try to pick a space that is smaller and with soft walls such as curtains. It will keep the sound from bouncing around which will make your audio sound hollow.

On-demand Recording Presenter Instructions

  • Session moderators and speakers will record their presentations on their own and submit to NSGC by August 20. 
  • Record your session using the tools with which you are the most familiar. View step-by-step instructions for the three methods listed below.
    • PowerPoint with Narration
    • Apple Keynote with Narration
    • Record via Zoom
  • Upload your recording to Dropbox at the following link: 
  • Recordings should be submitted by August 20th
  • If you require post-recording editing, please submit instructions to NSGC along with your recorded presentation. Contact