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Journal of Genetic Counseling Articles for Volume 32


A list of articles selected for the  Journal of Genetic Counseling Articles and Podcasts Continuing Education  (JGC CEU) Program is provided below. Approximately 2-4 articles per issue are selected based on their interest to the profession and the quality of research employed to obtain the results of the study. The articles will be posted as the quizzes become available.

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Volume 32, No. 1 (Feb)

  1. " How should we address the inevitable harms from non-negligent variant reclassification in predictive genetic testing?" by Misha Raskin et. al.

  2. "Effects of genetic counselor disabilities on their professional experiences: A qualitative investigation of North American counselors’ perceptions," Kahlen Darr et al.

Volume 32, No. 2 (April)

  1. " An investigation of preceptors' perceptions of behavioral elements of “professionalism” among genetic counseling students?" by Delk et. al.

  2. "BRCAShare—Assessment of an animated digital message for intrafamilial communication of pathogenic variant positive test results: A feasibility study,"  Aeilts et al.

Volume 32, No. 3 (June)

  1. " Elective genetic testing: Genetics professionals’ perspectives and practices" by Miura et. al.

  2. "Clinical and laboratory genetic counselor attitudes on the reporting of variants of uncertain significance for multigene cancer panels," Chang et al.

Volume 32, No. 4 (July)

  1. "Elective genetic testing: Genetics professionals’ perspectives and practices" by Miura et. al.

  2. “Prenatal patient perceptions of receiving difficult news over the telephone” by Tinsley Claire Douglas et al.

Volume 32, No. 5 (October)

  1. Unraveling non-participation in genomic research: A complex interplay of barriers, facilitators, and sociocultural factors McConkie-Rosell et al

  2. Genetic counseling for fetal sex prediction by NIPT: Challenges and opportunities Stevens, et al.

Volume 32, No. 6 (December)

  1. Characterizing the research mentorship experience of genetic counseling students - Hannah Steber et al

  2. Disability education and implications for genetic counselor training - Lauren Douglas et al.