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The Lauren Ryan Genetic Counselor Access Memorial Award

The Lauren Ryan Genetic Counselor Access Memorial Award provides an annual award to one or more current and prospective genetic counseling graduate students. The mission of The Lauren Ryan Genetic Counselor Access Memorial Award is to increase access to the field of genetic counseling for traditionally underrepresented or minority populations through financial support. Lauren’s professional work focused on supporting initiatives that would build a more diverse and inclusive community, and increase equitable access to genetic counselor services.

About Lauren 

Lauren Ryan was a Certified Genetic Counselor, outstanding volunteer, mentor, and champion for access to the genetic  counseling field for underrepresented prospective students. Lauren graduated from the University of Missouri with a BS in biological sciences and a minor in leadership and public service in 2007 and received her masters degree in genetic counseling from California State University, Stanislaus in 2010.  Her interests focused on operational success, leadership and management, scalability of genetics services, increasing health equity, education, public advocacy, diversity, and access to healthcare services. 

Lauren volunteered on the Access and Service Delivery and the Leadership SIG and Management SIGs of the National Society of Genetic Counselors to foster business case skills and resources, improve diversity and inclusivity, and develop overall leadership within the NSGC Membership. Lauren tragically died in a car accident in December 2022.


To make a charitable tax-deductible donation to the Lauren Ryan Genetic Counselor Access Memorial Award, please click here. To donate by mail with a check, please download and complete a donation form by clicking here. Your donation will provide support for current and prospective genetic counseling students.

All donations are tax deductible. The Genetic Counseling Foundation Tax ID number is 204468704.  Please check to see if your employer or spouse’s employer provides matching funds for charitable donations. Any questions can be directed to

2024 Applications 

Applications for the next cycle will be available in 2024. Please check back for updates and access to the application.

Advisory Board 

Mary Bloszies
MaryAnn Campion, EdD, MS, CGC
Elizabeth Duff 
Carrie Haverty, MS, CGC
Carmelina Heydrich, MS, CGC
Rachel Hodan, MS, CGC
Carla McGruder, MS, CGC
Cindy Morgan, MS, CGC
Diego Quintero, MS
Lily Servais, MS, CGC