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Assisted Reproductive Technologies/Infertility SIG


The mission of the ART/Infertility SIG is to promote genetic counseling as an essential part of the ART/Infertility healthcare delivery team and to provide health care providers and the public with accurate information about topics in ART. Genetic counselors are an integral part of the ART/Infertility healthcare delivery team.

Genetic counselors can be involved in many ways, including preconception family history evaluation, gamete donor screening, counseling about PGT, creating screening protocols, evaluating new genetic testing, and keeping abreast of changes in standard of care for genetic testing. This site is designed to provide the healthcare community with commonly requested information and resources regarding the involvement of genetics in the field of ART/Infertility.

Membership Benefits

  • Participate in the SIG Webinar series, with presentations relevant to ART/Infertility genetic counselors, case reviews, and collaborations with other SIGs. The webinar series is approved for Category 1 CEUs from NSGC.
  • Apply for the ART/Infertility SIG Grant Award. Opportunities for special projects and conference proposals with other members of the ART/Infertility SIG.


Current Members: Access the ART/Infertility SIG community (including the ART/Infertility Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.

Join Now: To add this SIG to your NSGC membership, please visit your My NSGC profile. From the Membership tab, select the "Join A SIG" option and select the SIG(s) you would like to join. You will then be able to pay online or print an invoice to mail with a check.

Grants/Award Opportunities

Review SIG grant award opportunities. ART/Infertility SIG Grant Award Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria can be accessed here.


Ellen Johnson
Ellen Johnson