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The Familial Cancer Risk Genetic Counseling SIG promotes communication between providers and affiliates of cancer genetic counseling services for the purpose of advancing the field of cancer genetic counseling.

This special interest group was created and is currently maintained by members of NSGC who provide genetic counseling for familial cancer risk or who are interested in this area of genetic counseling.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to the active and useful listserv (email) discussion group regarding the latest familial cancer risk topics.
  • Access to the Cancer Research Directory.
  • Involvement in creation and access to use materials developed through SIG projects. Previous projects have included a directory of cancer genetics research studies, a genetic counseling starter kit, and gene specific fact sheets.
  • Eligibility to apply for a research grant supported by the SIG.
  • Quarterly literature searches pertaining to cancer genetics topics.

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Current Members: Access the Cancer SIG community (including the Cancer SIG Discussion Forum, the Cancer Research Directory, the Monthly Literature Reviews and other Cancer SIG Documents) here.

Join Now: To add this SIG to your NSGC membership, please visit your My NSGC profile. From the Membership tab, select the "Join A SIG" option and select the SIG(s) you would like to join. You will then be able to pay online or print an invoice to mail with a check.

Grants/Award Opportunities

Review SIG grant opportunities.


Amber Gemmell

Parker Read

Forum Shah

Sayoni Lahiri

Past Co-Chair
Lindsey Byrne

Cancer SIG Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Kelly Knickelbein
Julia Cooper

Jordan Brown 
Lauren Desrosiers 

Practice Issues:
Peyton Nunley
Ashley Woodson

Cancer SIG Grant Award:
Alexa Bream
Wendi Betting

Pediatric Oncology:
Melody Perpich
Elise Fiala

Dana Clark
Sarah Scollon

Michelle Florido
Katie Lang

Julia Cooper

Gender Inclusion:
Bailey Hulswit
Diane Koeller