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Laboratory/Industry SIG


The mission of the Laboratory/Industry SIG is to promote communication and relationships among genetic counselors whose work or interests include the development, support, review or offering of genetic testing products and services, which can include the delivery of genetic counseling services. In addition, members provide leadership and expertise in genetic testing related to innovation, technology, test utilization management, public policy, best practice development, business affairs, original and peer-reviewed research, and education.

ISIG is a gathering place for idea-sharing, networking, ongoing education, skill development, and the exchange of information, tools, and resources. The Laboratory/Industry SIG communicates actively via an email listserv, conference calls, webinars and in-person at the NSGC Annual Conference. There are numerous opportunities for genetic counselors within ISIG including special projects, outreach, and leadership.

Membership Benefits

  • Access a network of genetics professionals with expertise in industry and lab-related genetic counseling.
  • Develop educational offerings to utilize and build upon the knowledge base of our members.
  • Learn from educational modules developed for genetic counselors working in lab and industry.
  • Utilize forums to share and learn ideas related to test utilization management.
  • Participate in project development and collaborate with other members of the SIG as well as members of other SIGs and the broader NSGC membership.


Current Members: Access the Laboratory/Industry SIG community (including the Laboratory/Industry Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.


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