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International SIG


The International Special Interest Group (ISIG) was originally created by members of NSGC who were working internationally. It is currently maintained by and serves members who have a personal or professional interest in genetic counseling around the world. The ISIG has also developed this FAQ document for international students.


To promote communication and relationships among genetic counselors in all nations; to facilitate the development of the genetic counseling profession globally; to provide specialized educational content for the professional development of genetic counselors within multiple healthcare models; to foster collaboration within our membership, between other SIGs, and with our international genetic counseling colleagues.

Membership Benefits

  • Lead or assist in the development of educational content for the webinar series
  • Access the full  ‘International contacts’ list that includes contact information for >120 genetic counseling providers globally
  • Access the full ‘international rotation sites’ list that includes >20 summer rotation opportunities
  • Receive early consideration for the International SIG Grant Award
  • Claim Continuing education units (CEUs) for approved educational activities
  • Conceptualize and develop conference posters/ proposals
  • Contribute to the genetic counseling literature
  • Access recordings for past webinars
  • Provide mentorship to students (including current students and prospective applicants)
  • Network with genetic counselors that have a professional or personal interest in international genetic counseling
  • Collaborate with other SIGs for joint projects

SIG Focus Areas and Lead Volunteers

  • Webinars (Grace Kavanaugh)
  • Social Media (Sarah Stewart)
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion [JEDI] (Michelle Moore)
  • Mentorship (Smita Rao)
  • Resources (Arpita Neogi)

Grants/Award Opportunities

Review SIG grant award opportunities here

Contact Us

The International SIG can be contacted at or through the discussion forum in the International SIG community in NSGCommunities. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about any of our projects or volunteer!

Stay up to date information on SIG events and resources through following up on Twitter @NSGCiSIG or through our Spotlight Blog.


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Arpita Neogi

Smita Rao