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Leadership & Management SIG


The mission of the LMSIG is to serve as a gathering place for idea sharing, best practice development and ongoing education for genetic counselors in leadership and/or management roles, and those who wish to acquire skills for such roles in the future. The LMSIG seeks to  serve as a resource for genetic counselors who are new and/or aspiring leaders or managers; provide current leaders/managers with discussions about challenges and successes, resources to build and foster skills, and data-sharing to help bolster efficiency and knowledge; and connect genetic counselors with leadership/management roles to each other in order to continue development of skills and contribute to best practice discussion.

Membership Benefits

  • Utilize a network of genetics professionals with all types of leadership and management experience.
  • Learn through webinars on various leadership/management topics.
  • Participate in forums for help with leadership/management issues and to share ideas.
  • Share and learn through a book club or with resources from our SIG Library.
  • Participate in projects that focus on leadership and management topics most relevant to our members and include collaboration with other members of the SIG.


Current Members: Access the Leadership & Management SIG community (including the Leadership & Management SIG Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.

Join Now: To add this SIG to your NSGC membership, please visit your My NSGC profile. From the Membership tab, select the "Join A SIG" option and select the SIG(s) you would like to join. You will then be able to pay online or print an invoice to mail with a check.


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