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The Neurogenetics special interest group (SIG) aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of genetic counselors who have both clinical and research expertise in neurogenetics. We propose to do this by educating the public and health care providers about our services and through active networking with peers. Genetic counselors who specialize in neurogenetics have developed skills specific to the testing, management of, and counseling for neurogenetic disorders. Such disorders may include, but are not limited to, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and developmental delay, brain malformation syndromes, brain tumor predisposition syndromes, dementia, epilepsy, hereditary motor neuron diseases, hereditary movement disorders, hereditary neuropathy, leukodystrophy, mitochondrial disorders, muscular dystrophy, myopathy, and/or, stroke.


Current Members: Access the Neurogenetics SIG community (including the Neurogenetics Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.


Jamie Lundy

Tara Jones