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Pediatric & Clinical Genetics SIG


The purpose of the Pediatric & Clinical Genetics special interest group is to promote communication and resource sharing among providers of pediatric genetic counseling services. In addition, the SIG will strive to educate other professionals regarding issues surrounding pediatric genetic counseling.

The Pediatric & Clinical Genetics special interest group is composed of genetic counselors who practice or are interested in pediatric genetic counseling. Pediatric genetic counseling is defined as the area of genetic counseling dedicated to those genetic conditions affecting the pediatric and adolescent population.

Membership Benefits

  • Participate in the SIG Webinar series, with presentations relevant to Pediatric/General Medical Genetics genetic counselors, case conferences, and collaborations with other SIGs. 
  • Apply for the Pediatric/Clinical SIG Grant Award (research and travel grants).
  • Opportunities for special projects and conference proposals with other members of the Pediatric/Clinical SIG.
  • Contribute to and access valuable tools, including a resources repository relevant to medical genetics GCs (e.g., appeal letters, letters of medical necessity, fact sheets, etc.).


Current Members: Access the Pediatric & Clinical Genetics SIG community (including the Pediatric & Clinical Genetics Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.

Join Now: To add this SIG to your NSGC membership, please visit your My NSGC profile. From the Membership tab, select the "Join A SIG" option and select the SIG(s) you would like to join. You will then be able to pay online or print an invoice to mail with a check.

Grants/Award Opportunities

Review SIG grant award opportunities. 


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