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The NSGC Public Health Genomics SIG promotes the integration of genetics and genetic counseling into public health practice. Our primary strategies are educating genetic counselors about public health theory and practice, educating public health practitioners about genetics and genetic counseling, and facilitating the exchange of information and resources among genetic counselors working in public health.

The number of genetic counselors working in public health has increased over the last few years and opportunities for genetic counselors to work in public health are expected to increase in the future. Genetic counselors coordinate state genetics programs and projects, educate the public and health care providers about genetic issues, work in state chronic disease programs to integrate genomics into their activities, and administer screening programs.

Many practicing genetic counselors routinely participate in activities that they may or may not think of as being public health-related, e.g. serving on advisory committees and testifying at legislative hearings. Also, genetic counselors particpate in public health programs when they counsel the parents of newborns with genetic conditions detected by newborn screenings or pregnant women at increased risk to deliver a baby with a health problem detected by maternal serum screening.


Being a member of the Public Health Genomics SIG enables those of us with a professional role or interest in public health genomics to help one another, serve as a collective resource on this topic both within and outside NSGC, and to influence and promote the integration of genetics and genetic counseling into public health practice.The Public Health SIG also awards a small grant to a genetic counseling student based on ability to further our public health genetics mission. The results from last year’s recipient will be presented at this year’s NSGC meeting. Lastly, we have a formal listserv where we can share resources, inform about conferences, and discuss issues. What ideas do you have for the SIG? What would you like to see accomplished? We’d love to have you join our group!


Current Members: Access the Public Health Genomics SIG community (including the Public Health Genomics Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.

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Grants/Award Opportunities

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