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NSGC Special Interest Group Grant Awards


The Assisted Reproductive Technology and Infertility Special Interest Group (ART SIG) formalized this grant award program in 2013. The purpose of this program is to provide funding to research projects which focus on topics related to genetic services in this field. The amount of the award will vary from year to year, depending on the current budget and other ART SIG projects which require funding.

Application Open: June 20, 2022

Application Deadline: July 8, 2022

Primary contact: Ellen Johnson and Jessica Adsit

ART/Infertility SIG Award Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria can be accessed here.


The CA-SIG Grant Award (CSGA) was created in 2002 to provide money for smaller projects that focus on the provision and study of cancer genetic services. The amount of money available for projects is different from year to year as it is based on the anticipated budget surplus. Proposals are due on February 15th of each year. 

Any questions or concerns about the Cancer SIG Grant Award should be directed to the current CSGA Rachel Reagle & Wendi Betting

Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines - Detailed information about the CSGA application and funding process.

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The Cardiovascular SIG is dedicated to uniting and addressing the needs of genetic counselors working in cardiology as the field rapidly expands. Our goals include: establishing relationships with cardiologists and allied professionals, production and support of original research, providing education opportunities for both the public and medical professionals, and increasing patient access to cardiovascular genetic counseling services. The CV SIG Grant Award was developed to promote research in cardiovascular genetics and promote evidence based genetic counseling.

Application deadline: June 15, 2022

Award notification: July 15, 2022 

Award Amount: Up to $1,200

Eligibility: Current NSGC Cardiovascular SIG members or genetic counseling students enrolled in an accredited training program may submit an application. CV SIG membership is not required for genetic counseling students.

Primary Contact: Please direct questions to CV SIG Chairs, Laila Andoni and Carol Ko

Click here to view more information about the CV SIG Grant Award.

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The CF and CFTR Spectrum SIG is offering a $300 award/scholarship for a CF-related project. Membership in the CF SIG is not required to be eligible for the award. Both students and established genetic counselors are welcome to apply! Those interested in applying can send a brief summary of their project or proposal to the SIG co-chairs by Monday, November 19th, 2018

Please reach out to  Amy Powers, MS CGC ( or Kimberly Foil, MS CGC ( with any questions.

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As technology advances in the fields of genetics and healthcare, the Health Information Technology Special Interest Group (Health IT SIG) intends to stay abreast of how technology impacts our profession. The Health IT SIG is seeking to fund research or project developed by genetic counselors or genetic counseling students relevant to the use of health information technology in genetics, genomics, or genetic counseling.

Award Amount: The award amount is up to $500.00

Deadlines: October 20th, 2021. A determination of which proposal will be funded will be made by November 1st, 2021. Funds will be issues by early December. Project funds need to be spent by December 14th, 2021.

Click here to read more about eligibility, application instructions, and project requirements.

Contact: Any questions regarding the HIT SIG Grant Award may be directed to SIG Co-Chairs, Pooja Mohan ( and Deanna Erwin (

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Overview: To promote research on international genetic counseling topics, the International SIG usually provides funding for one or two small projects led by a genetic counseling professional or student. ISIG funding typically covers the cost of gift card incentives for survey participants, translation and/or transcription services, poster or other publication costs, etc. Please see here for an overview of previously funded studies.

Eligibility and Requirements: Open to interested applicants worldwide. Not restricted to NSGC members, although collaboration with an NSGC member is highly encouraged and preferred. Genetic counseling students must be enrolled, and in good standing, at a genetic counseling training program at the time of application.

The winner of the scholarship will need to (1) provide the SIG with updates at 6 months and 1 year from award receipt (2) share a summary of the findings from their project with the ISIG membership (3) share a link/ PDF to any papers, presentations, posters, articles, or other publications that arise from this study (4) return any unused funds to the SIG and (5) disclose International SIG funding on any publications that arise from this study.

Application: Please apply online here.

Deadlines: Rolling, evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. The last date to submit applications for consideration is November 30th. Please submit at least 1-2 months before funding is needed to ensure timely receipt of award, if selected. All funds must be used within one year of award or, for students, by the date of graduation.

Award Amount: The requested amount can be up to $400. The amount approved will depend upon available funds for that year as well as the number of successful applications.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this award opportunity, please email and specify “ISIG grant award” in the subject line.

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Overview: The goals of the NSGC Lab/Industry SIG Grant Award are to promote projects which contribute to the success of genetic counselors in industry and laboratory-based roles and to support development in this field of genetic counseling. The purpose of the award is to provide limited funds to smaller projects that contribute to these goals.

Eligibility: Any current full or student NSGC member in good standing may submit an application. 

Deadlines: Applications are accepted year round. All funds must be used within one year of award or, for students, by the date of graduation. The project must have a timeline with an expected completion date. Applications may be submitted electronically at any time prior to the deadline.

Award Amount and Description: The requested amount can be up to $1,000. The awards approved depend upon available funds and the number of successful applications. The final decision is made by the co-chairs. Download the LISIG Grant Award Proposal form.

Primary Contact:  For more information about this award opportunity, please email Andrew McCarty at, Nori Williams Richen at, and Lauren Giannetti Sferrazza at and put “LISIG Grant Proposal” in the subject line.

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The NSGC Metabolism Special Interest Group (SIG) would like to invite students to apply for grant funding for their current or upcoming thesis projects. Eligible thesis work must include a metabolic component, metabolism focus, or involve metabolic conditions. Thesis work encompassing programs that include metabolic conditions like patient advocacy work, newborn screening, and/or carrier screening initiatives will also be considered. Students who are interested in grant funding for their theses are asked to please complete the survey below. Survey results will be reviewed for funding up to $500 by the Metabolism SIG. The deadline to complete the survey is October 15, 2022 by 11:59pm EDT. Any questions, please contact the Metabolism SIG co-chairs Kristen Ondy at or Kara Simpson at . Grant awards will be distributed to selected candidates by the end of the 2022 calendar year.


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The purpose of the NSGC Neurogenetics SIG Grant Award is to support projects focused on nervous system conditions and related topics which are relevant to the practice of genetic counselors who work in this specialty. Topics could include the following, as they pertain to neurologic diagnoses: basic science (i.e. variant interpretation/classification), clinical considerations (i.e. genotype-phenotype correlations), social/behavioral health issues (i.e. knowledge, perception surveys), outcomes and service delivery (i.e. genetic tools and platforms), and genetic education (i.e. development of informational or supportive materials). Projects about professional development or advocacy of and/or the importance of genetic counselors specializing in these conditions will also be considered.

Eligibility: Current NSGC members in good standing and genetic counseling students mentored by an NSGC member. Neurogenetics SIG membership is not required. The NSGC ID of the applicant or sponsor must be included.

Grant Award: This will be awarded to member(s) or student(s) whose research or resource project fulfills a gap in knowledge or resources that would support current and/or future neurology genetic counselors. Applications will be considered based on innovation, justification, relationship to the SIG Mission, potential impact, persuasiveness of methodology, readability, and need for funds.

Award Amount: Depending on budgetary restrictions, grant awards may be limited to one to two projects per year with the final decision of awards reserved for the Neurogenetics SIG chairs. There is no minimum or maximum award amount, but the average award is $400-1,000 and is meant to cover gaps in funding for specific aspect(s) of the project.

Grant Application - Form A - Research Project  

Grant Application - Form B - Resource Project 

If you prefer to review the applications prior to submitting, you may download the editable pdfs below:

Form A - Research Project

Form B- Resource Project

Application Deadline: Applications are due 11:59PM in your respective timezone, on Thursday, July 14, 2022. Proposals must be submitted electronically via Google forms. If you have any questions/comments or need accommodations, please email and

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2019 Annual Conference Travel Grant 

The Pediatric and Clinical SIG will provide up to (2) Conference Travel Grants for up to $800 for the 2018 NSGC Annual Conference. The purpose of the Conference Travel Grant is to facilitate dissemination of genetic counseling research and education to SIG members by defraying conference travel costs. Applicants must be members of the Pediatric and Clinical SIG (full, new or student) in good standing. Funds may be used for conference-related expenses, including travel (mileage, parking, airfare, shuttle, etc.), conference registration, lodging, or other meeting-related expenses. Funds may not be used for entertainment, food or drink. Applications will be accepted from September 30, 2019. An announcement of awardees will be on October 15th by email.  Please see full description for application details.

Click here for eligibility, requirements and instructions on submitting an application.

2019 Pediatric and Clinical SIG Research Grant Award 

The Pediatric and Clinical Special Interest Group formalized this research grant award in 2015. The purpose of this program is to provide funding to research projects which focus on topics related to genetics services in the pediatric or general genetics fields, advocacy programs/projects which help to spread public awareness about specific genetic conditions, and/or genetic counselors who specialize in working with patients who are affected by these conditions. The grant award is available to genetic counseling students currently enrolled in an accredited training program or current Pediatric and Clinical SIG members. The amount of the award is up to $1,000. All applications will be reviewed by the grant award committee and winners will be announced via email by October 15th of that calendar year. Each awardee has until the end of the following calendar year to use funds and complete the project. Applications will be accepted from September 30, 2019. An announcement of awardees will be on October 15th by email.  

Click here to see a full description for application details.

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Research Grant Award

The Precision Medicine Special Interest Group (PMSIG) will again be issuing a Research Grant Award,with the goals of supporting research projects related to precision medicine and to promote genetic counselors' involvement in this area.

Deadlines:  August 13, 2021. A determination by the PM SIG co-chairs and select members of the SIG’s Research Working Group of which proposal(s) will be funded will be made by September 6, 2021. Funds will be issued in September. Projects should be completed and funds spent by December 31, 2022.
Award Amount: The award amount will range from $200-$600 depending on number of grants awarded.
Eligibility: Current NSGC Precision Medicine SIG members or genetic counseling students enrolled in an accredited training program may submit an application. PM SIG membership is not required for genetic counseling students.
Primary Contact: Please direct questions  or comments to PM SIG Chairs, Stacey Detweiler and Kristen Koprowski.

Click here to view more information about the Research Grant Award.

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We are happy to open the call for proposals for the Spring 2023 Prenatal SIG Grant Award (PSGA). The purpose of this award is to provide limited funds to smaller projects that focus on the provision and study of prenatal genetic services. These awards may be granted to Prenatal SIG members and student members of NSGC. The amount and number of awards will vary from year to year, depending on the SIG budget. This Spring we can happily offer up to $1200 depending on the number of proposals that are awarded funds..

Proposals may be submitted from today’s date until Friday, May 12, 2023, 11:59 p.m., EST. A. The PSGA will notify all applicants of the status of their proposal by May 26, 2023. The awardee(s) must accept the award in writing via email within 4 business days of notification.  A check will be issued to either an individual or institution and additional information regarding tax implications will be provided at the time of acceptance.  

Please submit the google form ( and email a de-identified proposal to The title of your attached proposal should match the title of the project submitted on the Google Form so your applications can be matched after a decision has been made. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (information provided below). The PSGA committee members are looking forward to serving the Prenatal SIG membership and funding projects to help further the field of genetic counseling!  

Thank you,
Sydney Rudowski, MS, LCGC 
Prenatal SIG Grant Committee Chair

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 This award supports research projects with themes relevant to psychiatric genetic counseling, and is available to current genetic counseling students enrolled in an accredited training program. The 2022 deadline to apply for the award is Friday, July 29, 2022 at 11:59pm EST.

We will award up to $400 USD for student research projects this year. Multiple grants may be awarded depending on the number and quality of submitted proposals. More information can be found through the Psychiatric SIG Grant Award Guidelines and by reviewing an Example Proposal.  

The primary contact for the grant award is Rachel Lasher, current Chair of the Psychiatric SIG Grant Award Committee. Please direct any questions or comments to Rachel ( Applications should be submitted directly to Rachel at the email address listed above.

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The Research SIG is proud to offer an annual award to support the research activities of genetic counselors and genetic counseling students. The amount varies from year to year but typically falls between $1,000-1,500. Depending on the applications received and the decision of the review committee, the award may be split among more than one proposal. The award is open to all members of the Research SIG, as well as students whose supervisor is a Research SIG member. There are no restrictions on the type of research or topic. The deadline for applications is typically August 31st of each year and a call for applications will be sent to all Research SIG members in advance. Please contact Pamela Brock, Research SIG Grant Award Committee chair, at for all eligibility criteria and other requirements.

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The Rompiendo Barreras Grant Award was created as part of the new Spanish Development SIG that was started in the Fall of 2021. This grant will be used to provide funding for projects that focus on the provision and study of the Spanish language in genetic services as well as research efforts targeted towards the Hispanic/Latine community. The amount of funding available for projects varies from year to year, determined by the anticipated budget surplus. For the 2022 spring cycle, an amount of $250 will be allocated.

Detailed information regarding the 2022 Rompiendo Barreras Grant Award, can be found here

Grant Proposal and Progress Report Submission
Proposals must be submitted electronically to the Spanish Development SIG Committee Co-Chairs by e-mailing Items can be attached the email or submitted via a link to a Google Doc.

The Call for Proposals will open August 15, 2022 and the deadline for applications will be September 15, 2022


The Student/New Grad (SNG) Special Interest Group (SIG) is excited to once again be offering a grant award to support genetic counseling student research projects. This award is available to current genetic counseling students in an accredited training program. The 2022 deadline to apply for the award is Monday, July 25 2022 at 11:59pm PST. The award amount is up to $1000 USD and may be split across multiple applicants depending on the competitiveness of applications and the budget requests in the proposals.

All pertinent information regarding SNG SIG grant award submissions can be found in the 2022 SNM SIG Grant Award Guidelines document, available on the community home page of the SNG SIG. If you are not currently a member of the SIG, you are still more than welcome to apply. Please reach out to Courtney Cook, current Co-Chair of the SNG SIG, to be sent the grant guidelines. Please direct any questions or comments to Courtney by email (

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