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Spanish Development SIG


The Spanish Development SIG supports and fosters activities and member interactions to address Spanish language needs. The SIG aims to enhance Spanish language knowledge, proficiency, and comprehension. Additionally, learning will be centered on cultural contexts to improve engagement with Spanish-speaking communities. Language and cultural development will be provided across genetic counseling sub-specialties, practice settings, years of experience, and language skill level.

The SIG will also provide a member resource group for those who identify with or have a Spanish speaking identity or background to network, foster relationships, and encourage a community of learning.


Spanish language professional development

  • Improve and refine your already existing Spanish skills (regardless of level).
  • Join us during Spanish GC club to practice your Español.
  • We learn from each other, all levels and experiences are encouraged to come share your knowledge.

Spanish Resources

  • Have a Spanish vocabulary question? Ask us through the discussion forums!
  • Have a good resource to share? Tell us through the discussion forums!
  • Have access to the recordings of Spanish GC club and follow-up documents.


  • Collaborate in research focused on Spanish speaking populations and Spanish-language genetic counseling
  • Find and share contacts and collaborations across Spanish speaking countries.


  • We want to support each other, like familia.
  • Mentorship opportunities. 


Do I need to be fluent in Spanish to join?

No, you don’t. You are welcome to join and practice your Spanish and use the resources available (Spanish GC club recordings).

Do you translate documents?

No, but we may be able to share resources and support select projects depending on membership interest, funding, and availability.

I want to practice my Spanish, but I cannot attend the Spanish GC club meetings what can I do?

Meetings will be recorded and will be available for review. In addition, we will schedule other SIG activities, like Spanish happy hours. Hopefully you can join us then!

I have questions, who do I email?

Feel free to e-mail


Current Members: Access the Spanish Development SIG community here.


Katie Fiallos, MS, CGC
SIG Advancement Coordinator

Maria Katia Vine, BS, CMI
Spanish Club Coordinator

Maya Brown-Zimmerman, BA, MPH
La Casita Coordinator