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Student / New Grad SIG


To create a positive and approachable environment in which students and new genetic counselors can get involved with their professional society early in their careers; to facilitate communication, mentorship, and collaboration within our membership and between other SIGs and committees; to allow our members to participate in or lead projects in line with their personal interests via task forces; to promote continuous growth of our members’ professional network and relationships.

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity for networking and leadership.
  • Mentorship within the SIG between current students and new genetic counselors.
  • Scholarship opportunities (travel grant to the Annual Conference and a 1-year membership to NSGC).
  • Bi-annual boards study groups (and study guide) with support throughout the study period.
  • Large educational resource library with references and documents created by our SIG for SIG members.
  • Opportunity to participate in outreach events directed towards the general population, high school students, and college campuses including guidance counselors, professors, and students.
  • Webinars on topics such as non-clinical student rotations, mentorship, becoming a clinical supervisor, research design, etc.
  • Opportunities to start or collaborate on projects within the SIG as well as with other SIGs.
  • Job search resources and tips.
  • Built-in community of over 100 members.
  • For new genetic counselors:
    • Monthly peer supervision group calls to discuss challenging cases or professional issues.
    • Support with clinical supervision.

Our Task Forces

  • Education/Certification Task Force
  • Prospective Students Task Force
  • Outreach Task Force
  • Resources Task Force
  • Clinical Supervision Task Force *new*
  • Peer Supervision Task Force *new*
  • Mentorship Task Force *new*
  • AC Event Coordinator
  • GC Student/New Member Liaison
  • Social Media Manager


Current Members: Access the Student/New Member SIG community (including the Student/New Member Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.


Daniel Assamad

Valerie Chu