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Student Corner: Helpful Texts and Resources

Listed is a table of textbooks organized by topic. This list is not all inclusive, but is intended to serve as a library "wish list" for new genetic counselors. Please e-mail Aubrey R. Turner ( if you would like to submit suggestions for this page, including any texts that you find valuable which are not listed here.

Keep in mind that it it may be more appropriate for an employer to purchase many of the larger reference texts, as it is unreasonable for an individual genetic counselor to purchase every text in such a large collection. As a student you should make note of standard references available in departmental libraries, versus texts owned by individual genetic counselors. Although we have done our very best to group the texts below according to category, some texts defy traditional categories. While we hope to offer online reviews of these resources in the future, at this time you should gather opinions to help decide which texts will best meet your needs.

Helpful Textbooks

Ganong Review of Medical Physiology 2001 Anat/Phys
Gray Gray's Anotomy 1995
Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology 1986
Eeles Genetic Predisposition to Cancer 1996 Cancer
JGC Special Issue: CANCER 1997
Mulvihill Catalog of Human Cancer Genes 2000
Offit Clinical Cancer Genetics 1998
Schneider Counseling about Cancer 1994
Vogelstein Genetic Basis of Human Cancer 1998
Gardner Chromosome abnormalities and Genetic Counseling 1996 Chromosomes
Karger International System for Human Genetics Nomenclature 1995
Schinzel Catalog of Unbalanced Chromosome Aberrations in Man 1984
Warburton Chromosome Anomalies and Prenatal Development 1991
Baker A Guide to Genetic Counseling 1998 Counseling
Harper Practical Genetic Counseling 1998
Marks Genetic Counseling Principles in Action 1989
Weil Psychosocial Genetic Counseling 2000
Dorland Dorlands Medical Dictionary 2000 Dictionary
Stedman Stedman's Medical Dictionary 2000
Aase Diagnostic Dysmorphology 1990 Dysmorphology
Baraiatser Color Atlas of Congenital Malformation Syndromes 1996
Buyse Birth Defects Encyclopedia 1990
Goodman Atlas of the Face in Genetic Disorders 1977
Goodman Malformed Infant and Child 1983
Gorlin Syndromes of the Head and Neck 1990
Jones Smith's Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation 1997
Warkany Congenital Malformations 1971
Winter Multiple Congenital Anomalies: A diagnostic compendium 1991
Larsen Essentials of Human Embryology 1998 Embryology
Larsen Human Embryology 1997
Moore Before We are Born 1998
Moore The Developing Human 1998
Coutran Robbin's Pathologic basis of disease 1999 General
Emery Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics 1997
Gelehrter Principles of Medical Genetics 1998
Jorde Medical Genetics 1999
Magalini Dictionary of Medical Syndromes 1997
Robinson Clinical Genetics Handbook 1993
Rothwell Understanding Genetics, A Molecular Approach 1993
Strachan Human Molecular Genetics 1999
Wilson Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 2000
Wynbrandt Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects 2000
Miller Blood Diseases of Infancy and Childhood 1995 Hematology
Nathan Hematology of Infancy and Childhood 1998
Tuddenham Molecular Genetics of Haemostasis and its Inherited Disorders 1994
Burns Infertility Counseling 1999 Infertility
Speroff Clinical Gynecological Endocrinology 1994
Devlin Textbook of Biochemistry 1997 Metabolic
Holton The Inherited Metabolic Diseases 1994
Scriver Metabolic and Molecular Basis of Inherited Disease 1999
Stryer Biochemistry 1995
Avery Pediatric Medicine 1993 Pediatrics
Bianchi Fetology: Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient 2000 Prenatal
Callen Ultrasonography in OBGyn 2000
Eddleman Pregnancy for Dummies 1999
Evans Reproductive Risks and Prenatal Diagnosis 1992
James HighRisk Pregnancy:Management Options 1999
McDonald William's Obstetrics 1996
McGahan Diagnostic Obstetrical Ultrasound 1994
Milunsky Genetic Disorders and the Fetus 1998
Romero Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies 1988
Sanders Structural Fetal Abnormalities 1996
Simpson Essentials of Prenatal Diagnosis 1993
DSM-IV Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 2000 Reference
Genetic Alliance Directory of National Genetic Voluntary Organizations 1995
Gilbert Genetic Testing, Directory of Genetic Testing Laboratories 1998
Hall Handbook of Normal Physical Measurements 1989
Holtzman Promoting Safe and Effective Genetic Counseling in the US 1998
Merck Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy 1999
Thoene Physicians Guide to Rare diseases 1995
Andrews Assessing Genetic Risks 1994 Risk Assessment
Bridge Calculation of Genetic Risks 1997
Young Introduction to Risk Calculations in Genetic counseling 1999
JGC FRAGILE X Guidelines 2000 Specialty
Langfelder Cystic Fibrosis 1999
McKusick Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue 1993
Spitz Gendermatoses 1997
Wells Genetic Instabilities and Hereditary Neurological Diseases 1998
Briggs Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation 1998 Teratogens
Coustan Handbook for Prescribing Medications in Pregnancy 1998
Friedman Teratogenic effects of Drugs/TERIS/Resource for Clinicians 1994
PDR Physician's Desk Reference 2000
Shepard Catalog of Teratogenic Agents 1998