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Journal of Genetic Counseling

Journal of Genetic Counseling

The Journal of Genetic Counseling, the official journal of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, is a timely, international forum addressing all aspects of the discipline and practice of genetic counseling. The journal focuses on the critical questions and problems that arise at the interface between rapidly advancing technological developments and the concerns of individuals and communities at genetic risk. The publication provides genetic counselors, other clinicians and health educators, laboratory geneticists, bioethicists, legal scholars, social scientists, and other researchers with a premier resource on genetic counseling topics in national, international, and cross-national contexts. Starting in 2019, the journal is published by Wiley.

NSGC Member Access

NSGC Full, Emeritus, New Genetic Counselor, and Associate Members receive free access to the Journal of Genetic Counseling through Wiley. In order to access the journal you must be logged in to the NSGC website.

Journal of Genetic Counseling Podcast

In DNA Dialogues we dive into the intricate world of genetic counseling research. Join us as we peel back the layers of groundbreakingDNA Dialogues Logo articles from the Journal of Genetic Counseling, bringing you exclusive discussions with the authors themselves. Each episode sparks a vibrant exchange, exploring the latest discoveries, ethical dilemmas, and technological advances that are shaping the future of medical genetics. From navigating complex testing decisions to building trust with diverse communities, listen in as we unpack the science, challenge assumptions, and celebrate the human connection at the heart of genetic counseling research. So, grab your headphones, unravel the double helix, and prepare to be captivated by the array of voices in DNA Dialogues, a podcast where the blueprint of life meets intimate human conversation.

Join us to explore the latest genetic counseling research. DNA Dialogues is the official podcast of The National Society of Genetic Counseling's Journal of Genetic Counseling. Any questions, episode ideas, guest pitches, or comments can be sent into Please rate and review the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. This truly helps us climb the charts and allow other people, like you, to discover the show.DNA Dialogues’ team includes Naomi Wagner, Khalida Liaquat, Kate Wilson, Jehannine J9 Austin, DNA Today’s Kira Dineen.