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NSGC Position Statements

NSGC Position Statements reflect concrete applications of the Society's Code of Ethics and other official documents. Adoption requires majority vote by the NSGC Board of Directors.

Current Position Statements

ASBrS-NSGC Joint Statement of Medical Societies Regarding Genetic Testing Requirements

At-Home Genetic Testing

Blood Spot Storage and Use

Clinical Data Sharing


Family Health History

Genetic Counselors in Healthcare Reform

Genetic Testing of Children in the Adoption Process

Genetic Testing of Minors for Adult-Onset Conditions

Human Cloning by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) for Reproductive or Therapeutic Purposes

Human Gene Patenting

Human Germline Editing

Newborn Screening

Prenatal Cell-Free DNA Screening

Prenatal Testing for Adult-Onset Conditions

Raw Data

Regulation of Genetic Testing

Reproductive Freedom

Stem Cell Research

Secondary and Incidental Findings in Genetic Testing

Workplace Wellness Programs


Use of Genetic Information in Insurance and Employment Decisions

Use of Multi-Gene Panel Tests

Position Statements Endorsed by NSGC

American Society of Human Genetics Statement Regarding Concepts of “Good Genes” and Human Genetics

Joint Statement in Support of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for All Health Care Workers

NSGC Position Statement Process

NSGC position statements are created, reaffirmed, revised, or retired according to the NSGC Position Statement Policy. If you have any questions or comments regarding one or more of the above position statements, or have a suggestion for a new position statement not shown above, please contact Jennifer Trotter, Senior Coordinator, Government Relations, at