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Public Policy Committee

Committee Overview

The Public Policy Committee (PPC) monitors and recommends responses to policy issues of interest to NSGC and the genetic counselor profession.  The 2021 PPC charges include: 

  • Monitor the policy landscape and develop position statements on issues that affect the delivery of genetic services, impact the genetic counseling profession or benefit from the unique voice of genetic counselors.
  • Develop educational resources about policy issues impacting our community.
  • Review and recommend to the NSGC Board reaffirming, revising or retiring existing position statements according to the NSGC Policy on Position Statements.
  • Support staff and Advocacy Steering Committee in ongoing federal advocacy efforts, including H.R. 2144.
  • Support NSGC leadership and staff in drafting responses to requests for comment or opportunities to provide input on policy issues affecting genetic counselors, access to genetic counselors by diverse patient populations, or the delivery of genetic services. 

Position Statements

NSGC's Position Statements reflect concrete applications of the Society's Code of Ethics and other official documents. The PPC helps develop these statements according to NSGC’s Policy on Position Statements.  NSGC members who wish to submit ideas for additional position statements may complete a Position Statement Proposal Form for the PPC's consideration.  Adoption of a position statement requires a majority vote by the NSGC Board of Directors.

NSGC Position Statements

Legislative Fact Sheets

Hundreds of bills are introduced in the federal legislature every year, but only a small fraction are enacted. NSGC monitors and actively reviews policies that are likely to be or have been enacted AND may impact the genetic counseling profession and affect the delivery of genetic services. FAQs about such legislation are created as a resource for NSGC members.

Legislative Fact Sheets

Public Policy and Advocacy Resources

NSGC members are actively involved in advocating for their patients every day.  The Public Policy Committee encourages the general membership to actively participate in advocacy work outside of their roles within NSGC.  The PPC has developed and collated resources around areas of interest such specific to genetic counselors.  If you have a resource you’d like to submit, please email

PPC's Public Comments

NSGC's Public Comments

HR 2144

The PPC supports the Advocacy Coordinating Committee in their efforts in advocating for the federal bill.  Learn more about the federal advocacy efforts and join in on the grassroots effort!

Federal Advocacy

2021 Public Policy Committee Members

Committee Leadership
Vivian Pan, Chair
Jordan Brown, Vice Chair
Heather Zierhut, Board Liaison

Committee Members
Antonina Wojcik
Austin Bland
Chinmayee Nagaraj
Christy Moore
Cori Feist
Elizabeth Fieg
Kate Donohue
Katie Sagaser
Kelsey Newell
Michelle Strecker
Renée Pelletier
Susheela Jayaraman

NSGC Government Relations Team
Jennifer Trotter, Senior Coordinator
Molly Giammarco, Senior Manager
John Richardson, Senior Director