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Federal Advocacy

To support efforts to enact the Access to Genetic Counselor Services Act, a number of resources are posted below to help NSGC members become successful advocates in support of this bill. NSGC asks that members share the Patient/Family/Friends and Physician letter links, below, with their patients, family, friends, and colleagues. 

NSGC will be asking our members to contact their members of Congress, and these documents should be utilized.  In order to be strategic, some members will be asked to contact the healthcare staff of your Representative directly, and others will be asked to email the office. The goal is to bring attention to the issue without becoming a nuisance to the congressional staff. 

If you are meeting members of Congress in person, please contact for additional information. 

Resources to Get Started 

Video message from S. 1450 co-sponsor, Senator John Barrasso


Send a Letter to Your Congressional Representatives

Use the links below to fill out and customize a letter to send to your U.S. House Representative, based on your job role/relationship to genetic counselors.

Use the links below to fill out and customize a letter to send to your U.S. Senator.

NSGC Political Action Committee (PAC)

NSGC Virtual Call on Congress

Click here for more information on NSGC's virtual Call on Congress taking place during the week of May 24, 2021.