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Exeter Group’s Organization DEI Assessment of NSGC


  • We anticipate that parts of the report may be hard to read or triggering. This may cause a wide range of feelings and emotions to arise, including defensiveness. Please practice self-care and take breaks as you need. If you sense defensiveness in yourself, please question this and try not to provide feedback from a defensive place.
  • The full Exeter Group report is 300+ pages. It includes quotes and summaries of the member/staff survey findings, focus groups and stakeholder interviews. It reviews NSGC documents, policies and procedures, then closes with recommendations for NSGC. It may take significant time to read the report in its entirety.

Links to Exeter Group Report

View Executive Summary

View Full Report

View a Recorded Presentation of the High-level Findings from the Exeter Group

Open Comment Period Feedback on the Exeter Group’s DEI Assessment

Resources Supporting Racial and Social Justice 

Below are shared resources developed by NSGC, its members and other stakeholders related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this list thus far. If there are additional resources you believe are valuable additions to this list, please contact us at

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Educational Websites, Articles and Series - click to view resources

Inclusivity Resources for Genetic Counseling Managers

Educational Opportunities

2023 Community Conversation Series 

NSGC Webinars

2022 Community Conversation Series Presented by Equity, Inclusion, and Implementation Subcommittee of NSGC Membership Committee 

  • Community Conversation #1: Genetic Counselors with Disabilities | View Recording 
  • Community Conversation #2: Bystander Intervention | No Recording Available
  • Community Conversation #3: Empowering Our Queer Colleagues | View Recording 

If you have any questions about the Community Conversation Series, please reach out to Brenda Zuniga and Liann Jimmons.

NSGC Online Course: The Formation of Implicit Biases and Practical Strategies to Address Them

NSGC members can also access the course online, for 3.91 CEUs, for a fee

NSGC 2019 Platform Presentations: Conversations around Diversity

NSGC members can also earn CEU for completion of these sessions through  purchase of the the NSGC 2019 conference recordings.