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Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Activities


NSGC Board of Directors, under President Kelly Ormond, funds a two-day retreat in August 2005 to address racial and ethnic disparity in the NSGC membership.


Report, authored by Dr. Vivian Ota Wang, on 2005 retreat to address racial and ethnic disparity in the NSGC membership, presented to NSGC Board of Directors. View Report


Cultural Competency Task Force was chartered to investigate ways NSGC could drive cultural competency within the organization and profession.

Report of the Cultural Competency Task Force delivered to NSGC Board of Directors. View report


The Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit, supported by the 2009 Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship, developed by Nancy Steinberg Warren as a resource for the profession. View the Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit


Professional Issues Panel held during NSGC's 2018 Annual Conference, focused on issues of diversity wtihin the profession via discussion with invited speaker, Erica Joy Baker and NSGC President Erica Ramos

NSGC Board of Directors includes Diversity & Inclusion as one of the four pillars in NSGC's 2019-2021 Strategic Plan. View 2019-2021 Strategic Plan


NSGC forms the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.

NSGC participates in the benchmarking survey for the Association Forum's Welcoming Environment Research study. This research shines a spotlight on the disconnect between what are identified as necessary Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategies and where these strategies are actually being implemented in professional membership associations.

NSGC's statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is approved and posted. View statement

The report of the D&I Task Force was prepared and delivered to the NSGC Board of Directors. View summary of report.


NSGC issues RFP for DEI consultant to assess and make recommendations for NSGC to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within the society in line with the recommendations of the 2019 D&I Task Force. View the RFP

NSGC Board establishes NSGC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Group to carry forward the work of the 2019 D&I Task Force.

NSGC engages the Exeter Group, a DEI consulting firm, to assess DEI within NSGC and make recommendations for NSGC to achieve the vision outlined in our DEI statement.

NSGC establishes a website to serve as a resource for activities related to diversity, equity and inclusion. View NSGC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion webpage. View the J.E.D.I Resources Webpage

NSGC issues a statement on social and racial injustice. View statement

On June 9, NSGC held a forum on Social and Racial Justice.

The Exeter Group commenced data collection efforts, including a member survey, focus groups, stakeholder and staff interviews.

On July 31, NSGC held a call with key committee leaders and organizational partners to introduce the work of the Exeter Group.

The Journal of Genetic Counseling released a special issue on minority health disparities. View the Journal of Genetic Counseling

On October 1, NSGC held a webinar to introduce the Exeter Group to the NSGC membership. 

The Audrey Heimler Special Projects Award for 2021 was issued to Lila Aiyar, Tala Berro, Nadine Channaoui, and Michelle Takemoto for the creation of a DEI project evaluation tool. Learn More

The Exeter Group presented preliminary data from the DEI membership survey during the Professional Issues Panel at the 2020 Annual Conference. 

On December 15, NSGC held a call with the Minority Genetics Professional Network (MGPN) to discuss preliminary data from the DEI membership survey. 


NSGC Board establishes the DEI Committee as the next iteration of the DEI Advisory Group, converting the group to a standing committee to coordinate and evaluate the effectiveness of NSGC's DEI strategy. Learn More

Upcoming Activities

NSGC is committed to sharing regular updates regarding our diversity, equity and inclusion work.  Below, you can find a summary of next steps in our journey and opportunities for member input and feedback. 

End of April 2021: NSGC will release the Exeter Group's organizational assessment report and open a member and stakeholder organization comment period to gather key feedback on how NSGC should prioritize and take action on recommendations identified by the Exeter Group. 

May 2021: NSGC will hold calls with key stakeholders, including NSGC Committee chairs, SIG leaders and organizational partners to discuss how their work may align with recommendations provided by the Exeter Group. 

June 2021: The NSGC JEDI Committee (previously DEI Committee), Board of Directors and staff will review and summarize member and stakeholder organization input from the comment period.

July 2021: The NSGC Board of Directors strategic planning session will incorporate input from members and stakeholder organizations to develop our strategic goals and concrete action steps for our justice, equity, diversity and inclusion  exercises work in the next 1-3 years and beyond.

August - September 2021: NSGC will finalize our organizational action plan for work on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and our 2022-2024 organizational strategic plan.